Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Off to Klagenfurt

It is hard to believe my time at home is already at an end. After a year living in Germany, I am off to Austria for another school year. This time, I will be in a Gymnasium (grades 5-12) at the, so the locals brag, best school in Klagenfurt. Different ages, more English, and a different dialect of German.

Klagenfurt, by the way is the capital of the southern-most province of Austria known as Kärnten, which also happens to be from where my grandfather hails. Family roots are just waiting to be discovered.

Tomorrow I will fly from Chicago to Munich and then change planes to Klagenfurt. Hopefully, once I reach the Klagenfurt airport my new landlady will meet me take me to my new home away from home. This time around I will be living on the ground floor of a house. The landlady lives on the top floor, her daughter and new husband live directly under her and on the very bottom, there's me along with my future roommate.

I've already been drowning in a sea of paperwork. Here's hoping this time around all goes well with the series of official hoops I'll have to jump through.

Trying to figure out exactly where the orientation is has already been a mess. Contact one person, they refer me to another, or back to the original website. I can already imagine myself roaming the Austrian countryside in search of the orientation location. I will have to take a train from Klagenfurt to Salzburg then to Zell am See and then a bus to the town of Hinterglemm, where the actual orientation will be held. The best advice I was given by one of the officials: "Once you reach the town, just ask, I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction."

Goodbye America, Hello Austria!

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