Thursday, September 22, 2011

My New Home

This yellow house, on the first floor at least, is now my home. Above me, lives Irene's daughter and her husband and, above them, lives Irene. Go through the giant door between the house and the garage, and you'll enter the house.

After you are inside the first door, you can turn to the right, and see our second door, which leads to an entry way to remove shoes and short hallway, which then leads to our actual door.

If, however, you look straight ahead, you'll end up in the garden.

Next to the door, Irene has piled some of the produce...

Inside the house:

My room

My giant bed...

Turn and you enter the "study," which essentially becomes more like a closet than anything else.

Attached to the "study" is my bathroom, which has no toilet, but 2 sinks and a bathtub/shower.

Exit my room and turn right immediately and you come to this random nook, which is home to a variety of English, Italian, and German books from Irene, a desk and a vacuum.

The wall that makes up the nook is also part of the the second bathroom, which is the one with a toilet. This will be Riannon's bathroom.

Turn around and you can see our entry way with bench and coat rack. To the left of this is our door.

Looking straight ahead, with the bathroom to your right you will reach this stained glass door, head through it and you have 2 choices...

1. you can go through another door into Riannon's room (this is before she moved in)

Or, 2. you can decide to go into the kitchen

And either take a seat in our nook

or out through the kitchen door to the patio and look out at the garden. Go down a few stone steps and you will be back where you started.

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